About Us:

[KX] originally started as an online store, specializing in selling passion fruit pulp. As opportunities arose and client demand grew, we expanded our services to include food delivery and catering.

K – Kindness:

In a highly competitive market, we believe in maintaining a humble and appreciative approach towards our journey and accomplishments. Demonstrating kindness is at the core of how we operate.

X – Xcited (Excited):

Food brings us immense joy and an overwhelming sense of excitement. It’s not just about the taste and aroma; it’s also about experiencing the dedication and hard work that goes into preparing each and every dish.


“Makan” means “eat” in Bahasa Malaysia. It is a term commonly used when we meet new people or make new friends. It helps foster stronger bonds among individuals as they enjoy the shared experience of food. At KX Makan, we genuinely believe that food brings joy to our lives.


If you would like to learn more about our menus or if you don’t know where to start,  feel free to contact us.