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Childhood Kuih: Discover How Much You Know About It

Discover How Much You Know About Your Childhood Kuih
Discover How Much You Know About Your Childhood Kuih

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Intro: How Well You Know About Kuih?

The term “kuih” in Malay refers to various bite-sized snacks like cakes, biscuits, and porridge.

Kuih plays a vital role in Malaysian celebrations such as weddings, kenduri or known as feast, and baby’s full moon events. It has seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. Let’s explore the various types of Nyonya and Malay kuih available in Klang Valley.

What is Your Favorite Childhood Kuih?

Angku Kueh

Angku Kuih, also known as Red Tortoise Cake, is a delicacy savored during joyous events. It is typically red but can also appear in yellow or orange due to the incorporation of sweet potato into the dough.

These cakes boast vibrant hues achieved through natural sources like fruits, vegetables, and Pandan leaves. These colors enhance the Kuih’s appeal, making it irresistibly tempting.

Angku Kuih comes in diverse flavors, ranging from sweet versions with Mung Bean and desiccated coconut cooked with Gula Melaka, to savory ones containing Yam Beans, Carrot, and French Beans. This variety caters to those who prefer a salty and savory taste, ensuring everyone can enjoy a delightful piece of Angku Kuih.

Angku kuih also known as red tortoise cake

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Kuih Lapis

Also called ‘nine-layer cake’ or kuih lapis beras. The term ‘lapis’ in Indonesian and Malay simply means layer, indicating the structure of the kueh. Typically, these layers come in hues of red, orange, and white.

kuih lapis
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Bingka Ubi

Bingka ubi stands out with its vibrant yellow hue and caramelized dark brown top. To prepare it, tapioca or cassava tubers are finely grated, drained, and combined with sugar, eggs, pandan, and coconut milk. The mixture is then baked until it forms a golden brown crust. The resulting cake is chewy and semi-soft, boasting a springy texture.

Bingka Ubi

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Bingka Jagung

Bingka Jagung or as known as kuih jagung often overlooked amid popular kuihs like kuih lapis and ang ku kuih, ingeniously utilizes sweet corn in Malaysian cuisine. It consists of a yellow layer made from canned sweet corn with kernel bits and a white layer from coconut milk and pandan. This unique treat offers a perfect blend of coconut and corn flavors, creating a delightful culinary experience. It might sound corny, but it’s truly amazing.

Childhood favourite kuih - bingka jagung

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One of our favorites is kuih ketayap, also known as kuih dadar, a Malay delicacy featuring smoky gula Melaka. This dish consists of shredded coconut and palm sugar encased in a soft pandan crepe. It’s at its best when served warm, right off the pan, with a golden-brown exterior and slightly melted gula Melaka inside.

ketayap also known as kuih dadar

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Onde-onde is one of the famous childhood kuih

Onde-onde also known as pandan sugar with coconut sugars. This treat is adorable and usually accompanies mouthfuls of fresh coconut sugar. Its bite-sized nature makes it easy for kids to enjoy as well.

onde-onde with mouthful fresh coconut

Image Source From: Rasa Malaysia

Kuih Pau Sambal / Burger Malaysia

If you grew up in or visited Malaysia, you likely know this famous kuih. Burger Malaysia also goes by many other amusing names, such as Kuih Doraemon in Sarawak, Burger Nasi Lemak, Kuih Pacman, Bombolini Sambal, and Roti Bomb in Melaka.

Jokes aside, on a more serious note, if you’ve been to a kuih stall lately, you’ll notice that finding a delicious kuih pau sambal is challenging. Sellers are skimping on the filling due to the increasing ingredient costs, making the sambal no longer melt in your mouth.

Kuih Pau Sambal or as known as Burger Malaysia

Image Source From: KX Makan XHS

Kuih Talam – All Time favorite childhood kuih

When discussing kuih talam, it’s undoubtedly one of the childhood treats that everyone enjoys. This classic childhood kuih consists of a bottom layer made of rice and mung bean flour flavored with pandan, topped with lightly salted coconut cream. It’s dangerously addictive.

Kuih talam all time favorite kuih

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Another Famous Kuih – Seri Muka

Often confused with kuih talam, the key distinction between seri muka and kuih talam lies in the green pandan layer, which is combined with glutinous rice. Sometimes, the pulut might be cooked with bunga telang for a unique blue tint or steamed with pandan alone.

Another Famous Kuih - Seri Muka

Image Source From: Rumah Kueh Kak Zu

Curry Puff is the most famous childhood kuih

Curry Puff, known as Karipap in Malay, features a deep-fried pastry shell filled with curried potatoes, sardines, or even curry chicken. This popular delicacy is enjoyed in Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Curry puff - most famous childhood kuih

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Sesame Ball or as known as Bom Bijian

Sesame balls, also known as kuih bom, onde-onde, or jian dui in Chinese, are a popular snack in Malaysia and Indonesia.

These sesame balls are made from wheat or glutinous rice flour, which is fried or boiled, then coated with sesame seeds. There are various variations, with the most well-known being those made from glutinous rice flour filled with green bean powder.

Other variations are made from wheat flour and colored on the surface, such as white, red, or green, known as wheat sesame balls. There are also sesame balls made using black sesame seeds.

Sesame ball or as known as Bom bijian

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Conclusion: How Much You Know About Childhood Kuih

Growing up in Malaysia, we’re lucky to be surrounded by a variety of delicious foods. Different ethnic groups offer diverse main dishes, and our country boasts a wide range of snacks and pastries, each cherished for its unique taste.

After reading this article, I hope you have a better understanding of the childhood kuih you loved. Hopefully, you can now identify these pastries accurately, instead of vaguely referring to them.

Did you spot your favorite childhood kuih in this article?

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