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Explore The 7 Biggest Wedding Decisions You Need To Make Before Your Big Day

Biggest Wedding Decisions You Need To Make Before Your Big Day
Explore The 7 Biggest Wedding Decisions You Need To Make Before Your Big Day

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Intro: Biggest Wedding Decisions Prior Your Big Day

You’ve found your perfect match, and it’s time to plan your dream wedding. In this exciting journey, a crucial decision awaits: opt for a destination wedding in a romantic locale or celebrate locally. Both options have pros and cons. Let’s delve into each to help you make an informed choice aligning with your desires.

Wedding Decision 1: Pros and Cos of Destination Weddings VS Traditional Weddings

Pros of Destination Weddings: Firstly, they offer an extended celebration, providing more time for bonding with friends and family. Additionally, these weddings promise a unique experience, creating lasting memories in distinct settings. Moreover, exotic backdrops and romantic vibes in picturesque locations make for stunning wedding memories. Lastly, destination weddings often result in intimate affairs, allowing for smaller, more personal gatherings.

Cons of Destination Weddings: However, they come with some downsides, such as travel costs, which can be expensive for both guests and the couple. Furthermore, limited guest attendance may occur due to distance or associated expenses. Additionally, these weddings can pose planning challenges, involving complex logistics and coordination efforts.

Decision 1: Pros and Cos of Destination Weddings VS Traditional Weddings

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Pros of Traditional Weddings: In contrast, traditional weddings have their advantages. They offer convenience for guests, as they are easier to attend locally. Furthermore, they provide a sense of familiarity and comfort with familiar settings and traditions. Budget-friendly options are also available, making them more cost-effective for many couples.

Cons of Traditional Weddings: Nevertheless, traditional weddings have their drawbacks. They might lack the exotic charm of a destination wedding, resulting in a less unique setting. Managing larger guest lists can also be more challenging. Lastly, some may perceive traditional weddings as routine and lacking the excitement and memorability of a destination wedding.

Wedding Decision 2: Pros and Cons of Hiring Wedding Professionals VS Doing It Yourself

As you dive into the exhilarating journey of planning your dream wedding, you confront a pivotal choice: Should you opt for the do-it-yourself (DIY) path or enlist the assistance of wedding professionals? It’s a quandary commonly encountered by many couples, and there’s no universally applicable solution.

Pros of DIY: To begin with, DIY offers personalization, allowing you to tailor the project to your distinct preferences and style. Additionally, it has the potential to yield cost savings by enabling you to take matters into your own hands. Furthermore, it creates bonding opportunities, fostering shared experiences and memories with loved ones.

Cons of DIY: On the flip side, DIY can be time-consuming, often demanding more of your time and effort. Some tasks may necessitate specialized knowledge or skills that you may lack. Moreover, your access to tools and materials could be restricted, posing challenges.

Pros of Hiring a Professional: Conversely, hiring a professional provides expert guidance, drawing upon their knowledge and experience. It saves you time and reduces stress, as professionals handle the work, alleviating your burden. Additionally, it assures quality results, increasing the likelihood of achieving your desired outcomes with expert assistance.

Cons of Hiring a Professional: Nevertheless, there are drawbacks to hiring professionals, such as budget considerations, as their services may come at a higher cost. You might also relinquish some decision-making authority to the experts. Effective communication and trust in the professionals’ abilities become crucial factors to consider.

Pros of Finding the Balance: Finding a balance between personalization and expertise allows you to meld your ideas with professional guidance. It offers budget flexibility, enabling you to tailor the approach to fit within your financial constraints. This approach can lead to enhanced results by leveraging both personal and professional skills for better outcomes.

Cons of Finding the Balance: However, striking this balance may necessitate additional coordination, which can be challenging. Balancing both DIY and professional aspects can consume more time and effort. It requires a delicate act of finding the right mix and ensuring a cohesive overall vision.

Wedding Decision 3: How to Decide Between A “Adults Only” or “Kids Friendly” Wedding

Planning a wedding proves thrilling but entails numerous decisions. One significant choice is whether to host an adult-only or kid-friendly event. Determining the right approach requires careful thought.

Consider your vision and theme; align them with your desired atmosphere. Account for guest dynamics and preferences about children’s presence. Communicate openly with guests, setting clear expectations. Factor in the budget and logistics of accommodating children. Strive for an inclusive experience for all guests.

Pros of an Adult-Only Wedding:

  1. Elegance and Sophistication: Exudes a refined ambiance.
  2. Focus on Adult Guests: Ensures adult enjoyment without distractions.
  3. Enhanced Relaxation: Adults can immerse in the celebration.
  4. Venue Flexibility: Opens up venue options unsuitable for children.


  1. Limited Parent Attendance: Some may miss due to childcare.
  2. Hurt Feelings Possible: Exclusion may upset guests.
  3. Reduced Family Atmosphere: Can be less family-oriented.
  4. Need for Clear Communication: Ensures guests understand the policy.

Pros of a Kid-Friendly Wedding:

  1. Family Atmosphere: Fosters warmth and inclusivity.
  2. Parental Convenience: Eases childcare concerns.
  3. Memorable Moments: Children create heartwarming memories.
  4. Varied Entertainment: More options for all ages.


  1. Potential Distractions: Children may disrupt the ceremony or speeches.
  2. Added Planning and Costs: Requires extra arrangements and expenses.
  3. Venue Limitations: Some venues lack child-friendly facilities.
  4. Age Group Variation: Catering to different ages poses challenges.
How to Decide Between A "Adults Only" or "Kids Friendly" Wedding

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Wedding Decision 4: Should You Hire A Live Band For Performance?

When planning your celebration, a crucial choice arises: hire a live band. Both options offer merits, yet the decision hinges on your preferences and desired atmosphere.

Opting for a live band creates an authentic, captivating reception. Live performances bring unique energy and charm, impossible to replicate. Personalized renditions make the celebration exclusive and unforgettable.

Consider budget constraints, aligning costs with your overall wedding budget. Assess venue limitations, especially space and sound requirements for bands. Reflect on musical preferences and the atmosphere you aim for.

Wedding Decision: Whether to hire a live band

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Wedding Decision 5: How to Decide if a Micro or a Big Wedding is Right One for You

Planning a wedding is a thrilling venture, involving choices that shape your special day. One crucial decision is between a micro wedding and a grand celebration. Each option has its merits, requiring careful consideration of the pros and cons.

Micro Weddings: Create an intimate atmosphere with close family and friends. Offer flexibility for personalized plans and touches. Are typically more affordable due to a smaller guest count. Allow for a greater focus on personalized details and guest experience.

However, they present challenges in selecting a limited guest list. Smaller weddings might face restrictions with certain vendors.

Big Weddings: Include a larger circle of friends and family in the celebrations. Offer possibilities for more extravagant and impressive events. Provide diverse entertainment options for guests.

Yet, they come with higher costs due to larger guest counts. Can feel less personal due to the sheer number of guests.

Wedding Decision 6: You Should Have Your Wedding on a Weekday or Weekend?

Planning a wedding involves several decisions, from venue choices to catering options. Deciding the wedding day of the week is crucial. Traditionally, weekends were popular, but weekday weddings are gaining traction.

Considerations for Weekday Weddings:

  1. Availability and Cost: Weekdays may offer more options, potentially reducing costs.
  2. Guest Attendance: Some may find it challenging due to work commitments.
  3. Intimacy and Exclusivity: Smaller guest lists create a more intimate atmosphere.

Considerations for Weekend Weddings:

  1. Guest Convenience: Weekends are more convenient for guests without work disruptions.
  2. Extended Celebrations: Longer celebrations are possible without weekday work commitments.
  3. Vendor Availability: Popular vendors might be busier on weekends, affecting availability and costs.
Decision 5: You Should Have Your Wedding on a Weekday or Weekend?

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Wedding Decision 7: Who Should Give Wedding Speeches?

Preparing for your wedding, you’re anticipating one of life’s most beautiful moments. Amidst the joy, wedding speeches can cause both excitement and anxiety. Whether you’re the couple or an honored guest, the choice arises: open mic or selected speakers?

Open Mic Experience: Unpredictable yet Heartfelt

  1. Upside: Open mic offers unexpected genuine connections and heartfelt moments.
  2. Downside: Unrestricted access may lead to lengthy speeches, delaying events or making guests restless.

Selected Speakers Approach: Polished and Purposeful

  1. Upside: Chosen speakers balance humor, nostalgia, and heartfelt sentiment.
  2. Downside: Structured approach risks omitting cherished voices inadvertently.

Finding the Perfect Balance: Best of Both Worlds

Why choose when you can have both? Blend open mic’s spontaneity with selected speakers’ structure for perfect wedding speeches.

Decision 6 for Wedding: Who Should Give Wedding Speeches?

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Wedding Decision 8: Should You Tell Your Groom What Wedding Ring You Want?

Last but not least, selecting a wedding ring marks a thrilling moment in the marriage journey. Traditionally, the groom surprises the bride, but modern relationships thrive on open communication.

Here’s why sharing your ring preferences is essential:

Firstly, it aligns your preferences, ensuring satisfaction. Secondly, it saves time for other wedding-related decisions. Thirdly, designing the ring together fosters a unique bond. Additionally, jointly reviewing the financial aspects is crucial. Lastly, this shared decision strengthens your relationship further.

Conclusion: Biggest Wedding Decisions Prior Your Big Day

Many people find wedding planning overwhelming; indeed, it involves numerous details. Before the wedding, there are several major decisions to make, ideally with mutual agreement between the couple. This can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with wedding preparations.

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