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Ultimate Guide: 7 Tips On How To Cater Budget Office Catering

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Intro: How to Cater Budget Office Catering

Fuel your hungry colleagues and guests proactively to prevent hangry situations. Your goal: impress with top-tier office catering. However, the hurdle is the limited budget.

No worries—here’s the upside: hosting office catering events needn’t burn a hole in your pocket. You can shine while preserving quality and flavor.

Countless options and smart tricks ensure budget-friendly catering, even with financial constraints. To assist you, we’ve crafted tips to amplify your office catering budget. Leave everyone satisfied and praising the spread.

Keep reading for insights on trimming catering costs without compromising.

Tip 1: Substitute drinks

Optimize your budget by making simple food swaps to reduce costs. Start with beverages – consider replacing pricier fruit juices with economical soft drinks. Surprisingly, fruit juices and soft drinks contain similar sugar levels.

If you’re not a fan of sugary drinks, why not choose refreshing water as it can be healthy and refreshing. Elevate it by infusing with ice and citrus slices in a jug or drink dispenser.

Additionally, rather than relying on catered tea and coffee, think about getting your tea and coffee equipment. This cost-effective approach allows for greater budget control. For smaller teams, offering varied tea and coffee options becomes feasible. Airpots maintain beverage temperatures, while your office kitchen likely has essentials like mugs, spoons, and jugs. Just stock up on milk, sugar, tea, and coffee.

Lastly, don’t overlook the essential element: boiled water!

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Tip 2: Time matters

Maximize your catering plan’s impact on your budget. If budget constraints arise, consider adjusting the catering timing. Strategic timing choices can yield substantial budget reductions. For instance, opt for morning catering instead of lunch, as breakfast consumption tends to be lighter.

Additionally, consider limiting meeting durations. Allocate 15 minutes within a 30-minute presentation for a quick morning or afternoon snack. Morning pastries and muffins, along with afternoon sausage rolls and pies, effectively curb hunger. These options are not only affordable but also universally enjoyed. Typically, 2-3 pieces per person suffice.

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Tip 3: Go casual

Instead of investing in upscale setups, consider creating a casual, relaxed ambiance for your guests. Ditch formalities like wait staff and elaborate table arrangements. Opting for a laid-back approach can significantly reduce costs while maintaining a memorable and impressive event.

Deliver a fresh and lively experience to your guests by engaging their senses through themed food stations. A mix of pasta paired with generous salad servings is a crowd-pleaser suitable for any occasion.

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Tip 4: Pre-cut fruit platter VS whole fruits

Fresh fruits serve as popular snacks throughout the day and offer a wholesome way to conclude a meal. Foster a healthy workplace by making fruits easily accessible to your colleagues.

Trim your catering expenses by opting for whole fruits instead of pre-made platters. You can either cut the fruits yourself or present them as whole in an attractive basket for staff to enjoy at their convenience.

For added variety, consider providing a tub of yogurt in a large bowl alongside the fruits. This adds abundance and enhances the appeal of the spread.

And don’t forget, always ensure you’ve washed your hands before handling any food items!

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Tip 5: Are you really going to eat all that?

Consider the impact of portion control. The choice of utensils and plates has a direct effect on how guests approach their meal. Simple modifications in your serving approach can lead to cost savings, ensure appropriate portion sizes, and minimize food wastage.

Guests often underestimate their portions when food is offered freely, leading to excessive servings on their plates. While some individuals might unknowingly take double portions, others could miss out on certain food items. To counter this, opt for smaller plates, scoops, and bowls. These adjustments can yield advantages, particularly in the context of self-service buffets or platter-style catering.

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Tip 6: Good things come in packages

KXMakan frequently offers packages with delightful surprises. Our reputation lies in an extensive range of economical package choices. Ranging from hearty morning breakfast to meticulously designed team lunch packages, they arere tailored to accommodate diverse meetings and corporate events. Additionally, the ‘build-your-own’ option allows for personalized packages, aligning with both your budget and your guests’ dietary needs. These selections prove invaluable when seeking diverse food options without heigh expenses.

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Tip 7: Keep it simple and classic

Your guests might not demand the intricacies you imagine, especially when free food is involved. Sometimes, a straightforward and timeless dish proves to be the finest choice. For uncomplicated staff gatherings, an array of sandwich options suffices, spanning various bread types, wraps, and finger sandwiches. While catering to dietary restrictions is crucial, bear in mind that ingredients such as tuna, pastrami, swiss cheese, and dollops of egg mayo can effectively sustain and gratify your team.

And if you find the idea of classic triangle sandwiches unexciting, rest assured that KX Makan offers an array of choices. These selections stand as the most economical among our extensive food range.

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Office catering doesn’t have to be a drain on your budget. With strategic planning and creative choices, you can host impressive and satisfying events without breaking the bank. Opting for simple yet flavorful menu options, utilizing cost-effective alternatives for beverages, and exploring budget-friendly catering packages are all effective ways to keep expenses in check.

By focusing on quality over extravagance and making thoughtful decisions, you can provide a memorable catering experience for your office that aligns with your financial goals. Remember, a successful office catering doesn’t have to come at a high cost; it’s about offering delicious and satisfying options that leave a positive impression on your team or clients.

At KX Makan, we stand by your side throughout the journey. Our contribution extends to streamlining the process further by offering a user-friendly and tailored menu for your office gathering. Whether catering to small groups or special occasions, our diverse catering menu will cater to your requirements. Don’t hesitate any longer — take action now!

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