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Ultimate Guide For Your Upcoming Hen Party

Hen Party Bride To Be
Hen Party Bride To Be

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Intro: What Is Hen Party

A hen party, also known as a bachelorette party in the United States and stagette party in Canada, is a joyful pre-wedding celebration. The bride and her female friends gather to celebrate. Essentially, it’s the female counterpart to the male bachelor party. In the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia, these festivities are referred to as “hen parties” or “hen nights.”

Do you have friends or relatives getting ready for a wedding party soon? If you do, it’s time to start organizing a warm and heartfelt hen party for them. While it might seem like all fun and games (which it partly is), organizing an unforgettable hens night requires a lot of planning.

This Hen Party checklist will ensure you kick off the hen party on the right foot, aiming for the ultimate pre-wedding celebration that leaves the bride teary-eyed with happiness and love.

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3-4 Months Before Hen Party

Hopefully, you’re not reading this just a week before the big bash. So, let’s focus on what you need to handle when you’re a couple of months away from the big day. If you’re checking out this Hen Party Checklist at this point, that’s great! You have ample time to create an amazing experience.

Speak to Bride

It’s her party, and she gets to choose what she wants! Consider the following questions:

  1. The theme: Is it going to be naughty, relaxing, boozy, wild, or adventurous? Will it be a late-night affair or an early bedtime celebration?
  2. The location: Does she want to escape the city for her hens, or is staying local more her style?
  3. The guest list: Is it going to be the whole extended girl group, or just a select few of the nearest and dearest?
  4. Her involvement: Does she want to be part of the planning process all along, or would she rather not hear a thing until the day of the event?

Gather the Guests

After you’ve finalized the guest list with the bride, assemble the hens for an initial brainstorming session. Begin outlining tentative plans for venues, locations, and themes, and develop a rough schedule for the upcoming months. If possible, designate a few hens as co-planners to share the workload and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

Initial the Group Chat

Get this going right away! Begin a WhatsApp or Facebook group chat with your fellow hens. If you want to steer clear of arranging in-person meetings (which can be quite challenging), this is your most effective way to make progress.

Reserve Your Spots

Venues fill up fast, so if you’ve got a location in mind for the hen party, make those bookings promptly. That takes care of a significant planning component.

Establish Your Organized Spreadsheet

To maintain a sense of order and control, consider creating a spreadsheet. Input the names of all your hen party invitees, record payments, individual costs, and confirmed reservations, among other details.

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2 Months Before Hen Party

Typically, the calendars of busy individuals start filling up two months ahead, so this is the ideal time to wrap up all the planning details.

  1. Secure final payments – Collect payments for the venue, chefs, activities, and any other pre-booked items at this stage. It may not be enjoyable, but it’s crucial!
  2. Dispatch formal invitations – Send out formal invitations and request RSVPs, marking them off in your spreadsheet as they come in.
  3. Procure personalized items – If you’re organizing the kind of hen party that involves personalized t-shirts, sashes, and so on, this is the moment to place your order and receive your items. It might seem a bit early, but it’s better to be early than stressed!

1 Month Prior Hen Party

Arrange Transport

Will your group be taking a maxi taxi to the city? Considering renting a limo? Decide on your transportation now and make the reservation.

Prepare Games

Prevent uncomfortable pauses and silence by planning your hen party games in advance. If you’re unsure, seek inspiration online for ideas!

The Week of Hen Party

Buy Goodies

If there’s a pre-drinks plan, purchase your snacks and drinks this week. Consult with the other hens to find out their preferences and make it happen. Pro tip: consider hiring a personal chef to keep everyone content.

Double Check Everything

Verify every detail: transportation, guest attendance, venue, and every single aspect of the plan!

The Night Before the Hen Party


The designated photographer should ensure there’s ample storage on their phone or camera.


Adorn the room or venue according to your chosen theme. Don’t postpone this until the actual night; it might seem straightforward, but it’s time-consuming.

Brief The Bride

If the bride has been kept in the dark thus far, provide her with a quick rundown of what to anticipate.


We trust you find this Hen Party Checklist valuable for your planning needs.
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