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Ultimate Guide: Serving Vendor Meals At Your Wedding

Ultimate Guide: Serving Vendor Meals At Your Wedding

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Intro: Serving Vendor Meals At Your Wedding

Wondering about options for vendor meals on your wedding day? Let’s explore suitable choices for a delicious and satisfying dining experience for your hardworking team. On the wedding day, everyone, especially hardworking professionals, needs a break to refuel. Vendor meals are crucial not just for courtesy but also productivity. Wedding planner emphasizes how well-fed vendors work better, ensuring a smooth event. Failing to provide vendor meals might lead to contractual issues, allowing vendors to leave the site for their meals.

In this article, we’ll explain all you need to know about vendor meals: who should be fed, what food is suitable, and the associated costs.

What Wedding Vendors Need A Meal?

For evening weddings, dinner is served to vendors who are present throughout most or all of the day. This includes the photography, videography, and wedding planning teams, as well as the band or DJ and reception entertainment staff. Catering handles their own meals. Separate bar tending staff needs meals too. Those leaving before the party, like floral teams, aren’t included. Hair, makeup artists, and attendants may stay for touch-ups but are usually not included in the meal unless staying for a significant portion of the reception.

How Do I Coordinate Vendor Meals? 

Regardless of having a planner, your caterer takes the lead. They’ll inquire about vendor meals and dietary needs. If you have a planner, they manage this, ensuring a precise headcount.

What Is Served For Vendor Meals?

It varies widely and if dinner is served family-style or from a food truck, vendors might enjoy the same meal as guests. The caterer usually has extra menu options. Some venues opt for a hot buffet, like chicken and green beans, easy for large groups. Vendor meals might be sandwiches or bento box in certain cases. Typically, if guests get a hot meal, vendors should too.

Bento box as wedding vendor meals

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When Do We Serve The Meals?

Your caterer plays a vital role in deciding meal timings. Vendor meals are usually served after guests get their food, around 50 to 70% of the time. This is because the caterer priorities guests first before serving vendors extra meals.

However, we are here suggests an alternative: serving vendor meals before the main course. Why? After dinner, guests are eager to hit the dance floor. If the band delays to eat, guests might grow restless. It’s easier if vendors have a separate meal, as these can be served during the cocktail hour or the first course, ensuring a seamless celebration.

How Much Do Vendor Meals Cost?  

The price of vendor meals varies, often tied to guest meal costs. If vendors eat the same as guests, it’s typically half the guest meal price. For buffets, it usually starts from RM20 per person.

Conclusion: Serving Vendor Meals In Your Wedding

In conclusion, serving vendor meals ensures a smooth celebration. Discuss meal timings with your caterer, considering guest and vendor satisfaction. Remember, well-fed vendors guarantee a memorable wedding experience.

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