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7 Benefits of Providing Free Meals To Your Employees

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In today’s world, both businesses and employees seek modern work environments. Besides benefits like health insurance, dental claims, and birthday leave, providing free meals stands out as a significant perk. This becomes even more crucial post-pandemic, contributing to the Great Resignation phenomenon.

We did mentioned about the benefits of having meal in office is better than dining out, click here for more info. Thus in this article, our focus revolves around the effectiveness of free meals or corporate food programs in achieving optimal outcomes. Let’s go!

Benefit 1: Increase Productivity and Enhance Focus

Employees experience enhanced focus and productivity when their employer provides lunch. This eliminates concerns about meal planning and location. No need to leave the office or order takeout, ensuring timely delivery. Such worries no longer occupy their minds during work hours. Without food-related distractions, they can fully engage in tasks until lunchtime.

Arranging lunch for employees promotes healthier eating habits. Instead of skipping lunch or opting for fast food, they’ll have access to energizing options like fruits, pastries, and sandwiches in the office. This translates to increased afternoon concentration and efficiency.

Benefit 2: Strong Social Bonding

Employers offering meals motivate employees to eat on-site (office), promoting more social interaction among coworkers. These interactions bridge departmental gaps, forming connections across various levels of the organization.

Furthermore, employer-sponsored meals don’t just encourage dining at the workplace; they also trigger a chain reaction of positive social engagement. This cultivates an environment where individuals can establish relationships that go beyond departmental confines, ultimately fostering a workplace culture characterized by authentic collaboration and rapport.

Benefit 3: Positive Company Culture and Employee’s Loyalty

Providing free meals to employees by their employer fosters a positive company culture and cultivates a strong sense of loyalty. Beyond the practicality of nourishment, this gesture symbolizes the organization’s genuine concern for its staff’s well-being and comfort.

Complimentary meals showcase an investment in employees’ daily lives, boosting morale and job satisfaction. The shared experience of dining together promotes informal interactions, enabling colleagues to connect on a personal level and enhancing teamwork.

This act of generosity builds a profound sense of appreciation, encouraging employees to reciprocate with increased dedication and loyalty. Over time, this contributes to a cohesive and engaged workforce. and creates a ripple effect, nurturing a workplace environment characterised by unity, contentment, and enduring commitment.

Benefit 4: Increased Employee Retention

As evidenced by a USA Today survey, the inclusion of complimentary food for employees corresponds to a remarkable 67% job satisfaction rate. This strategic approach vividly underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering a nurturing and supportive workplace ambiance. Notably, Millennials distinctly prioritize workplace culinary offerings, setting them apart from other age groups. Moreover, they express a heightened desire for a more extensive variety of snack options.

Compellingly, nearly half of the respondents, or 48%, emphasized that company perks, including meal provisions, significantly influence their considerations when evaluating potential job opportunities. This substantiates the pivotal role that free food plays in enticing and retaining talent, acting as a powerful magnet for employee engagement and loyalty.

Info Source From: USA Today

While the survey was conducted in the US, there remains potential for Malaysian employers to enhance their employee retention strategies.

Benefit 5: Enhance Employee Retention and New Hires

Employee retention is closely tied to the need for new hires. When retention rates are high, the necessity for seeking new hires is limited, unless the company is undergoing expansion. Bringing in new hires entails significant time investment due to various processes, including interviews, training, and onboarding.

Nevertheless, if new hires are indeed essential, the provision of free meals by the company becomes a resounding positive for employees. This offering enables workers to allocate their funds for other needs, alleviating concerns about daily dining choices and locations.

Benefit 6: Cost Savings

Are free meals for employees a costly endeavor for the company? This is a common query that often arises when HR or admin proposes such a provision. However, this assumption is not necessarily accurate.

When employees are offered complimentary meals, it can result in saving approximately 15 minutes of their on-the-clock productivity both before and after lunch, every working day. Moreover, consider the unnoticed time drain as employees engage in conversations with coworkers, deliberating over “what to eat” and “where to eat,” ultimately sidetracking their concentration from tasks and undermining overall productivity.

Moreover, providing a reasonable meal allowance can yield tax benefits for the employer while also being tax-exempt for employees. For further insights, it is advisable to consult the designated account or finance executive.

Info Source From: L&CO Chartered Accountants

Benefit 7: Community Involvement

Lastly, there’s one more aspect to address. When you opt to offer complimentary meals to your workforce, it may involve seeking out local food providers or caterers who can collaborate with you to craft a menu for these meals. Successful businesses often play an active role in supporting their local communities, and by placing orders for meals at your office, you’re directly contributing to nearby restaurants.


For those in search of a straightforward method to enhance productivity, cut costs, and bolster overall workplace satisfaction, the idea of providing free meals to your team holds significant appeal. As the entire team embraces the added convenience of having free food available on-site and you witness its positive impact on your financial outlook, you might find yourself wondering why you hadn’t introduced this advantageous initiative sooner.

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