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Lunch Eat What: Malaysia office favourite question?

People wearing formal to enjoy their pizza in office
People wearing formal to enjoy pizza together

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Intro: Lunch Eat What in Malaysia

Malaysian office workers usually have lunch between 12:30 pm to 2 pm, which is the midday meal between breakfast and dinner. The lunch hour for office workers is typically one hour, but it can vary due to different schedules and shifts. Nevertheless, colleagues often ask two common questions: “Lunch eat what?” and “Who decides?”

Office workers normally have two common options: they either eat at their desks (take away) or at eateries near the office (dine-in). During lunchtime, office workers not only eat but also use it as a time for socialising, taking a break from work, and engaging in office chatter. However, in recent years, eating alone has become a prevalent lifestyle in the modern world. Moreover, busy schedules make it increasingly difficult for office workers to have lunch together.

Surveys in the UK have shown a significant increase in the number of adults eating alone, reaching half the population in recent years. In the US, approximately 27% of restaurant visits come from solo diners, according to the Hartman Group. While there are no specific studies in Malaysia, data from food handling companies indicates a rise in solo meal-times.

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Popular Food Options for Office Workers

Malaysians are fortunate to have an extensive list of cuisines, ranging from Nasi lemak, Malay-style meals, Indian food, to Chinese and fusion dishes.

For office workers, rice-based dishes are often their top choice as the carbohydrates provide sustenance until dinner time or even during overtime.

Eat Chicken Rice

A popular lunch option is chicken rice, which consists of a portion of rice, chicken, and soup. Sometimes, it is paired with braised egg or beansprout. Due to its speed and convenience, it has become a popular choice for lunch.

Roasted chicken rice with soup in red plate. Lunch eat what.

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Eat Nasi Lemak

An all-time favorite dish is Nasi Lemak, prepared with rice cooked in coconut milk, and served with fragrant sambal, anchovies, peanuts, and sliced cucumbers as side dishes. The rice is typically complemented with fried egg or chicken to make it more satisfying. The best part about these dishes is that they can be enjoyed even when not served hot.

Rice cook with coconut milk (santan) is paired with fried chicken L shape drumstick

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Eat Siew Chao

Another popular lunch option is Chinese Cuisine, also known as Siew Chao, which offers a variety of dishes, including fried rice, fried noodles, and single portion rice. It is often paired with chicken and pork cooked in various styles, such as Sweet and Sour, Ginger Onion, Gung Bao, Buttermilk, and more.

Some common noodle options in Siew Chao are Hokkien Mee, Singapore Mihun, and Cantonese Fried Yin Yong. Siew Chao is a great choice for lunch, especially if you have both rice and noodles lovers among your group.

Chinese cuisine as known as Siew Chao on table. Lunch eat what

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Home Cooked Meal

However, another popular lunch option is a home-prepped meal or a home-cooked meal, as many people get tired of eating outside. One reason for this preference is that you get to enjoy the food you like without compromising, which can often happen when going out for lunch with colleagues.

Moreover, home-cooked meals are often considered healthier, with less oil, less salt, and more vegetable options, making them a good choice for maintaining health.

Food Delivery

Food delivery provides a convenient lunch ordering option with two main services: Grab and Food Panda. Customers can choose their preferred meals and have them delivered to their doorstep. However, these options have some drawbacks to consider.

Motorcycle with Grab Food and Food Panda carry bag. Lunch eat what

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Firstly, the food’s exact arrival time is often unpredictable, despite the available tracking feature on the app. Additionally, in some office buildings, delivery to the registration counter may not be allowed, which can be inconvenient during meetings.

Another concern is the fees, especially for instant delivery during peak hours, which can be quite expensive, sometimes even equaling the cost of the main dish. Moreover, there is no guarantee of the food’s condition upon arrival, and spillages can occur, leading to the hassle of lodging complaints with customer service and still ending up without a meal.

Beverage get spilled upon arrival

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