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KX Makan Food Menu located in Bandar Utama

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Intro : Bandar Utama Food

Looking for food options in Bandar Utama? Besides One Utama shopping mall, are there any places that offer a variety of menus and provide food delivery services?

In this article, we will showcase the varieties of our menu. We provide food delivery to 1Powerhouse, First Avenue, KPMG, IBM Towers, and One Utama Shopping Centre, with no delivery fees and no minimum order.

You can enjoy your food at your own pace instead of rushing out from the office to the restaurants in One Utama and then back, considering the walking or driving distance between them. Additionally, there’s still the waiting time for the food to be served.

Ready to embark on this tasty journey?

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BU Food : Nasi Lemak

When it comes to our food menu, we offer a delightful Nasi Lemak paired with chicken and a fried egg. Additionally, our Nasi Lemak is Muslim friendly as it is expertly prepared by our experienced kakak (sister), who is a skilled chef with more than 10 years of cooking mastery.

You have the option to choose from Merah Chicken, Rendang Chicken, or Fried Chicken. Our Rendang Chicken and Fried Chicken are particularly favoured by most customers.

Our highly recommended Merah Chicken is cooked in a red sauce made from tomatoes and delicately spiced with ginger, garlic, and dried chilies, creating an aromatic blend that tantalizes your taste buds. We understand that some customers may prefer less spiciness, and our dish offers a mild level of heat to cater to different preferences.

Hence, if you’re craving nasi lemak with a delightful chicken dish, this is the perfect choice for you. Feel free to place your order and enjoy the flavourful experience!

Bandar Utama food: Nasi Lemak Ayam Merah with fried egg

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BU Food : Chicken Rice

When it comes to a fulfilling and affordable food below RM10 in the Bandar Utama area, our chicken rice stands out as the top choice. Many customers from UOB and OPPO favour either the Roast Chicken Rice or Steam Chicken Rice options. These dishes strike a perfect balance, providing a rich source of carbohydrates from the rice and protein from the tender chicken.

What’s more, our chicken rice comes with a delightful assortment of hot soup. Just imagine, the cold working environment often leaves people yearning for a comforting bowl of hot soup. It’s akin to the feeling of enjoying a home-cooked meal, where you can savour the warmth of the soup after finishing your food.

Hence, our chicken rice is the answer if you are seeking a quick and satisfying lunch during a busy workday. It’s no surprise that our customers keep coming back for more with its generous portion size, and wallet-friendly price.

Pro Tip 1:

We always remind our customers to consume the chicken rice and nasi lemak as soon as possible. This is due to they both contain cucumber, which can emit an unpleasant smell when placed in a closed tight food container for a long time.

Bandar Utama Food: Roast Chicken Rice

Image Source from: KX Makan Whatsapp Catalogue

Bandar Utama Food: Steam chicken rice

Image Source from: KX Makan Whatsapp Catalogue

BU Food : Siew Chao

Siew Chao, also known as Chinese Cuisine, presents a diverse selection of dishes, such as fried rice, fried noodles, and single portion rice. For further details, please refer here.

Our Siew Chao food selection offers up to 26 choices, not limited to just Noodles and Rice. It’s a popular choice for group orders in the office, as it caters to both noodle lovers and rice lovers.

What sets our Siew Chao dishes apart?

In addition to providing a diverse selection on the food menu, we ensure that our Siew Chao is skill fully prepared with the Wok Fire, also known as “Wok Hey”. For a better understanding of this concept, you can refer to this youtube shorts. This technique infuses our Siew Chao dishes with a distinctive “Wok Hey” flavour that truly enhances the taste of our food.

Moreover, our food dried curry chicken is a rarity in other Siew Chao establishments. The fragrance of the dried curry gravy makes it a perfect complement to white rice. Sometimes, all you need is a little kick to spice up your mood, especially when you have a busy schedule.

Image source from: KX Makan Whatsapp Catalogue

We offer Dried Lao Shu Fen, a dish that is rarely found in other restaurants or food stalls. This is great news for all the Lao Shu Fen lovers out there, as it can fix your cravings for this unique and delicious dish. Furthermore, both Lao Shu Fen and Singapore Mihun do not have clumping issues, but it is still better to have your food as early as you can.

Pro Tip 2:

Noodles tend to clump together, especially if they are not consumed within half an hour of being cooked. Therefore, our customer service always double checks with customers whether they would like to order noodles as their meal, considering the possibility of clumping before consumption.

Image Source from: KX Makan Whatsapp Catalogue

Pro Tip 3:

In our Siew Chao rice selection, we provide red rice as a healthier option for our customers. You may already be familiar with brown rice, black rice, or even red rice, all of which are renowned for their nutritional value. Red rice is beneficial in controlling sugar levels and is especially suitable for diabetic patients due to its low glycemic index (glycemic index-55).

Additionally, it contains 10 times more antioxidants compared to brown rice!

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Our Food Menu

Furthermore, feel free to take a look at our menu provided below. Kindly be aware that your order will be confirmed upon full payment in advance⁣. It is crucial to note that KX Makan has the right to make changes to menu items and/or prices based on availability.

BU Food Menu frontpage
BU Food Menu remarks
BU Food Menu lunch
BU Food Menu lunch
BU Food Menu Chicken Rice
BU Food Menu Noodles
BU Food Menu Siew Chao
BU Food Menu Siew Chao
BU Food Menu Value Pack

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How to Order Food?

Absolutely, you can easily order your food through our WhatsApp by clicking here. While doing so, you can also explore our catalogue, conveniently located at the top right side of WhatsApp.

To ensure smooth arrangements, please make sure to place your order at least 1 day in advance before 6 pm. Our delivery time usually ranges between 11 am to 1 pm.

It’s important to note that our menu selection is based on a best effort basis, so be sure to place your order on time to secure your desired choices.

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