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Ultimate Guide: Breakfast Catering For Your Next Office Event

Ultimate Guide: Breakfast Catering For Your Next Office Event
Ultimate Guide: Breakfast Catering For Your Next Office Event

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Intro: Consider Breakfast Catering for Your Next Event

Morning meetings yield positive outcomes, backed by a One Poll survey showing 34% focus during breakfast. Up to 67% are most attentive at this time. CEOs find breakfast meetings highly productive.

However, skipping breakfast isn’t an option; ensure your team is fed for early meetings. These catering options are essential for conferences, training, or office gatherings.
These breakfast catering menu options are essential for conferences, training sessions, or office gatherings.

Coffee, Coffee and Coffee

Plan ahead by asking attendees for their coffee preferences. Having their favorite morning drink ready creates a pleasant experience. Utilize the office coffee machine if available, ensuring enough for everyone before the meeting starts. Address dietary needs such as decaf, non-sugar sweeteners, and non-dairy milk. Offer alternatives like black tea, herbal tea, or hot chocolate for non-coffee drinkers.

Coffee and tea for breakfast

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Fresh Squeezed Juices

Consider non-coffee or tea options.

Freshly pressed fruit and veggie juices add freshness, balancing carbs-heavy breakfasts.

Opt for apple, orange, or pineapple juices, or order blended options from a nearby cafe for delivery.

Continental Breakfast

Consider a continental breakfast for team gatherings or training sessions when direction is uncertain. Buffet-style, it’s cost-effective and a crowd favorite, lacking warm foods.

Offer baked goods, seasonal fruits, and varied cereals, granola, and yogurts, including dairy-free options like coconut or oat.

Continental Breakfast for breakfast catering

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DIY Breakfast Stations

Transform office meetings into enjoyable experiences. Set up on-site breakfast stations for a fresh, interactive vibe. Options include waffles and pancake stations with various toppings, healthy bowl stations, and omelette stations with diverse ingredients.

If you’re interested in the Waffles live station, feel free to contact us for more information.

Breakfast in platters

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Things to Consider for Breakfast Catering:

  1. For formal meetings, prioritize tidy options such as pastries and coffee to maintain a focused atmosphere and avoid distractions.
  2. Meetings can be exhausting; ending with a hearty breakfast makes a lasting impression. Enjoy delicious options like Nyonya Kuih and Mini Egg Mayo Croissants for satisfying breakfast sandwiches.
  3. High-stress meetings can reduce appetites, but running out of food during intense discussions is undesirable. Ensure you order sufficiently and be ready for potential leftovers.
  4. Keep lunch readily available. If the meeting extends past lunch, surprise attendees with a satisfying meal. After a long meeting, individuals may prefer solitary dining; individual packed food or bento are the ideal solution.

Conclusion of Breakfast Catering

Recently, breakfast meetings are more effective and cost less than lunch or dinner ones. Whether you have 10 or 100 attendees, they ensure productivity and save on food and venue costs. Hosting such a meeting sets the day’s tone, impacting team productivity and task attitudes. Morning motivation aids those needing an extra push.

Allow us to handle your breakfast meeting catering while you concentrate on your tasks.

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