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Ultimate Guide: Pre Wedding Catering To Do List

Ultimate Guide: Pre Wedding Catering To Do List
Ultimate Guide: Pre Wedding Catering To Do List

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Intro of Pre Wedding Catering To Do List

Planning wedding catering is crucial and intricate. Balancing a memorable menu with your budget and guest count is challenging. To manage, approach the planning process step by step, ensuring your guests are fed and your sanity intact.

To ensure you’re fully prepared, here’s a straightforward breakdown of the couple’s responsibilities to their wedding caterer.

Consider When to Select Your Wedding Caterer

Plan your catering well in advance, with most experts suggesting a decision about seven to eight months before your wedding. Yet, if you’re opting for a holiday wedding, booking your caterer might require over a year’s notice. Corporate events and seasonal parties often secure catering for the following year during the current year’s celebrations. During this initial phase, you don’t need to nail down menu specifics, but you do need to decide on the service style (buffet, sit-down dinner, carving stations, etc.) and estimate your guest count.

Prepare for Your Wedding Catering Three Months in Advance

Three months before your wedding, catering professionals require an accurate headcount and menu commitment from you. Provide your caterer with 80 percent of your total guest list for an accurate count. Schedule a tasting with your caterer and finalize your menu selections and other provisions like beverages and linens after the tasting.

Once all details are settled, your catering company will send you the final cost breakdown and payment structure.

One to Four Weeks Pre Wedding Catering To-Do

Reach out to your wedding caterer, ensuring they have all necessary information, including the event date, time, and location. Coordinate any required details between the caterer and your venue contact, such as amenities or specific information.

Arrange for the final payment to be sent before the event, if feasible. Alternatively, assign a reliable friend or family member to deliver the payment at the reception venue.

Determine the deadline for the final guest count with the catering company. Some allow changes up to 72 hours before the event, while others require the final number a week prior. Clarify this detail with the company to avoid misunderstandings.

Ask your wedding caterer these important questions

  1. Menu and Cost: In line with my wedding style, suggest menu items and their cost-per-person. Do you specialize in specific food styles or unique menu items?
  2. Personalization: Can we include a family favorite recipe in the menu for sentimental value?
  3. Workload: How many other weddings will your company handle on the same day?
  4. Service Details: Does the cost-per-person cover food only, or does it include staff, rentals, linens, and setup/clean-up? Are service costs, overtime, and gratuities included?
  5. Equipment and Decor: Do you provide linens, glasses, plates, and decor? Can I handle any of these to reduce costs?
  6. Coordination: Who will oversee my wedding? If not you, what’s the contact person’s name, and when can I meet them?
  7. Timelines: How much time do you need for setup and cleanup?
  8. Additional Services: Can you provide wedding cakes? Is there a fee if we bring our own cakes? Do you charge for beverage service? What about providing food for vendors?
  9. Children and Special Diets: Will you cater special meals for children, and is there a discounted rate for them?
  10. Contracts and Payments: Can we review your standard contract? What’s the required deposit, and when is the remaining payment due?
  11. References and Portfolio: Can we see pictures from past events?

Conclusion of Pre Wedding Catering To Do List

To avoid last-minute hassles, meticulous planning for catering is crucial. Changing menu items late can disrupt schedules and impact costs significantly. Once you’ve decided on the menu, finalize details with the caterer. This enables them to plan labor, cooking methods, and make early purchases. While organizing wedding catering might seem daunting, caterers can handle many aspects. Initiating early contact ensures a smooth and stress-free event.
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