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7 Food Types To Offer For Successful Office Meetings

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7 food types to offer for office meetings

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Intro: What Food to Offer for Office Meeting

Are you facing a series of office meetings? Will they be breakfast sessions, working lunches, or even day-long training events? Food plays a crucial role in gatherings, particularly in corporate meetings. Moreover, serving quality food becomes essential for prolonged business meetings. Everyone expects food and drinks, yet preferences differ. Check out our comprehensive guide below as it details the preferences of your employees and clients for these gatherings, eliminating any need for guesswork on your part!

Before Decide on Food:

Let’s begin by exploring how to make your food choices. But before that, there are some crucial factors to consider before seeking a food caterer or placing an order.

Conduct Headcount

Firstly, the headcount is essential. Avoid excessive waste or embarrassing shortages by conducting a headcount and setting a budget beforehand.

Dietary Preferences & Restrictions

As we mentioned, people have varying preferences when it comes to food. For example, some people are vegan while others love to eat meat. More notably, some people are allergic to certain types of foods. As such, it is prudent to consult the meeting’s attendees about their dietary restrictions and preferences.


Office meetings can adopt various themes, such as company anniversary celebrations or special events. It’s crucial to convey your theme clearly to the food caterer. This ensures they align the food presentation and choices with your meeting’s theme. For example, a company anniversary might call for cake, but this wouldn’t be essential for a regular office meeting.

Food Type 1: Nasi Lemak Biasa

Nasi Lemak holds a place as an all-time favorite among many Malaysians. If you’re seeking a satisfying yet not overly heavy option, considering Nasi Lemak Biasa is a good idea. Typically presented in a triangular shape and served on a banana leaf, Nasi Lemak Biasa comes with accompaniments like anchovies, peanuts, and hard-boiled eggs. For the best experience, pair it with a cup of “Teh Tarik” or coffee (kopi), representing a quintessential Malaysian breakfast.

Nasi Lemak in triangle shape with banana leaf

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Food Type 2: Nyonya Kuih

Nyonya kuih, known for its diverse varieties, is crafted in bite-sized portions. This feature enables it to cater to a wide range of preferences without causing excessive fullness.
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Food Type 3: Muffin

Serving delectable breakfast muffins is always a reliable choice. This quality renders them ideal for breakfast meetings involving international clients or business associates. Their convenience makes muffins an easy option during corporate gatherings, training, or conferences.

Blueberry muffin

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Food Type 4: Croissant

Additionally, croissants are an excellent choice for your breakfast meetings. This fail-safe option is a beloved favourite, giving your clients, guests, or staff the freedom to enjoy them plain, paired with butter or together with ham and cheese for delightful toppings. The traditional presentation, accompanied by coffee or tea, offers the best experience to savor these treats.

Crunchy ham and cheese croissant

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Food Type 5: Sandwiches

Furthermore, sandwiches offer a versatile solution for meeting snacks, allowing you to cater to various preferences by selecting different flavours.

Food Type 6: Fresh Fruit Platters

Offer a selection of fruits to ensure your colleagues and guests enjoy a wholesome snacking choice. Fruits are rich in essential nutrients and naturally low in fat, aiding you and your clients in maintaining focus during a working lunch.

Unsure about which fruit to serve? Prioritize seasonal fruit options for freshness and accessibility.

Enhance convenience and minimize mess by arranging bite-sized fruit chunks on skewers – a definite win!

Fruit platter

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Food Type 7: Individual meal box

For office meetings, particularly working lunches, individual meal boxes stand out as the most convenient catering option. These boxes come pre-packaged, ensuring a tidy arrangement that doesn’t occupy excessive space or lead to messiness.

The favored combination includes a primary carbohydrate source along with 1 or 2 side options, often featuring vegetables or salad for added fiber content. Incorporating a meat choice can enhance lasting satisfaction. Complementing these are snacks like bite-sized nyonya kuih or muffins, offering a mix of sweet and savoury within each lunch box. Moreover, these boxes also include a beverage, with fresh bottled juice being a common choice.

Ready to eat asian rice box

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Planning food for an office meeting could be challenging, yet it also offers an enjoyable aspect. Ensure clarity about the meeting’s goal or purpose. Lastly, find a dependable caterer capable of addressing your concerns.

At KX Makan, we stand ready to support you every step of the way. We simplify the process by providing a customized and user-friendly menu for your office event. Be it for small groups or special occasions, our versatile catering menu accommodates your needs. Delay no more—take action today!

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