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Reason Why We Are Not Able To Provide Catering Quotation Immediately 

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Intro to Reason Why We Are Not Able To Provide Catering Quotation Immediately 

Approaching the year’s end and the impending Year of the Dragon, we had received quite a few of WhatsApp inquiries from clients. Their usual first query pertains to a quotation, and I will admit, I was a bit puzzled upon my initial review.

Let me delve into why we can’t furnish immediate quotes. Numerous factors contribute to this:

Reason 1: Location, Date and Time

Frequently, clients request the date and time while unintentionally omitting the location. Our client base spans both northern and southern Malaysia. Currently, our services extend across the Klang Valley region. When clients do provide the location, we swiftly assess our availability, enabling them to efficiently consider alternatives.

Reason 2: Meal Timing

Meal timing needs to be determined quickly. For wedding buffets or tea receptions, this isn’t a big issue. However, for corporate events, it’s important to decide on meal timing early. Caterers usually require at least 1 to 1.5 hours for setup. This includes deciding when to start preparing the food, whether staff need to come in early, and organising personnel. We had encountered situations where clients alter the serving time every 2 days, leading to revisions of the details listed in the quotation.

Please be mindful that certain caterers may apply additional fees for collection or delivery before 8 am or after 10pm.

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In the case of Drop & Go Catering, setup time isn’t necessary. Just provide the caterer with the meal time, and a responsible caterer will ensure the food is delivered before that time. Additionally, meal timing affects the menu planning. If the event falls during a main mealtime, hosts might need to prepare substantial dishes to ensure guests are well-fed.

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Reason 3: Guest Count

Quotations frequently require revisions due to guest count changes, which is a customary procedure. By communicating the guest count or a range promptly to the caterer, you can preempt significant problems.

Reason 4: Budget $

Clients usually have a budget in mind. For those without a budget, they’re often looking for comparisons. Understanding the budget helps in planning the menu. Of course, there are cases where clients want a buffet for RM20 per person, with seafood, chicken, pork, shrimp, two main dishes, and drinks! Regrettably, achieving a “Mission Impossible” might be beyond our grasp; nevertheless, we’ve managed to propose a budget of RM22-23 per person for the customer.

Reason 5: Special Dietary Requirements

ommon special requirements include Halal or vegetarian preferences. For a buffet style, around 20% may be vegetarian-friendly. For Bento boxes, you’ll need to specify how many should be vegetarian.

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Reason 6: Theme or Color Preferences

For buffets or dessert tables, this is significant. If the event’s overall theme is black and gold but the food is all-white, it might not match.

Reason 7: Add On Services

Extra services like table and chair setup, canopy services, tablecloths, waitstaff, or a live bar need consideration. Some providers list prices directly, but it’s important to ask if it includes setup, dismantling, loading bay conditions, etc. Clear communication and agreement are essential.

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Reason 8: Event Venue

Providing photos of the event venue is immensely helpful for caterers. This is especially true for condo event halls, as layouts vary. With photos, caterers can plan food placement, backdrop angles, and theme decorations. The venue greatly influences the backdrop and decoration, impacting the overall aesthetics. Some clients provide detailed dimensions or even arrange site visits for better accuracy.

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Conclusion: Reason Why We Are Not Able To Provide Catering Quotation Immediately 

To wrap up, the reasons behind our inability to offer immediate catering quotations are multifaceted. Various factors, including specifying locations, confirming meal timings, and accurately assessing guest counts, play pivotal roles in crafting precise quotes. Additionally, considerations such as budgets, dietary preferences, and event themes contribute to the intricacy of the process. While our goal is to provide instant quotes, the dynamic nature of these elements often necessitates thorough evaluation for accuracy. We are committed to delivering comprehensive and thoughtful quotations, recognizing the significance of catering to each event’s distinct requirements.

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